Drury Hotels Benefits from a Single Point of Contact

As many hotel engineers will probably agree, there is an art to the task of managing multiple sites. This complexity multiplies when you’re dealing with differing types and brands for the mechanical systems.

Every indoor pool is different and has unique requirements, and this is true for the HVAC as well. When you’re responsible for many hotels, you often find yourself dealing with many disparate contacts for all of your needs: maintenance, repair and procurement.

On top of that, not all HVAC contractors can effectively service and support indoor pool dehumidifiers to a high level, so you often wind up paying for them to simply call the manufacturer for factory assistance.

For 10 years now, Drury Hotels has benefitted in more ways than one from standardizing as a national account with Dehumidified Air Solutions. Their team of experienced in-house engineers have just one point of contact for all things indoor pool HVAC, from design to start-up and commissioning.

Your Pool Dehumidification Partner

With a full team of engineers focused on creating the perfect guest experience through cutting-edge designs, Dehumidified Air Solutions ensures ease to all pool projects while getting the job done the right way the first time, every time.

Drury uses semicustom controls on units for some of their indoor pools that can be opened up and converted to outdoor pools via glass doors. Guests love these unique facilities because they get the feeling of being outdoors on those summer days of perfect weather. However, it creates hidden challenges with the control and operation of the dehumidifier. After all, you don’t want to be dehumidifying when the doors are opened as that would waste energy. At the same time, Drury still wanted the option to circulate some air, so the space doesn’t get too stuffy.

With their single point of contact for design help, Drury’s engineers were able to get dehumidifiers built the way they needed for these special situations. There is full control with the unit, enabling Drury to shut off the compressors when doors are opened, with the option to keep fans running or also be turned off. The atypical feature was no trouble to add because of Dehumidified Air Solutions’ experience with hotel pools, including those of this type.

Simple and Trustworthy

You’ve probably benefitted from having a “single point of contact” without realizing it. If you use an email app that includes a calendar, that is one example. Another is investing with the same bank where you have your checking account. In many situations, your life is just easier when you only need to deal with one company for all your needs in a given area. When it comes to indoor pools, we want to be your single point of contact.

Since going with a single point of contact for their indoor pools, Drury has an easier time getting their issues taken care of. Because Drury works directly with their National Accounts representative, there is no “broken telephone” effect from communicating with a third-party sales firm, who then communicates with a manufacturer. Drury Hotels gets exactly what they want because they work directly with a dedicated expert who is their touchpoint for everything they need when it comes to hotel pool HVAC, whether it’s design help, service or parts.

As a national account, Drury also gets a special discount on all factory parts sales, along with the option to buy factory-direct service contracts for added peace of mind and simple management. Or they can simply call for factory support anytime they need it.

Want to take a deeper dive?

We’d love to discuss your unique hotel pool and provide detailed advice to meet your needs. Leave a comment below or complete the form on the right for a direct response.

Real Peace of Mind with Web Monitoring — Standard on Every Unit

With Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts, you get full access the industry’s most powerful web monitoring platform for the lifetime of your equipment, for free.

We were the first to offer web monitoring for dehumidifiers in the industry, starting in 2003. Back then, connecting HVAC equipment to the internet was very new and web monitoring was a novel concept. Every dehumidifier we build ships standard with this feature so you have the best support possible.

Since the beginning, we have continuously innovated our offering to build in stronger capabilities and take full advantage of the advanced sensors that form the heart of our designs. Refrigerant pressure transducers enable you and service technicians to check the pressure of the refrigeration circuit from an internet-connected device, with no need to use a manifold gauge to open the circuit and take a reading. This saves money on service visits and totally eliminates the small losses of refrigerant that equipment experiences when gauges are removed from a unit.

There are many benefits to ensuring all your new units get connected to Web Monitoring. Not only do future maintenance or service situations become a breeze, but units continually connected from start-up also get an additional nine months of coverage on the initial 90-day repair labor allowance warranty for a total coverage term of one year!

When a unit is online, it’s uploading operational data to our servers every 60 seconds, 24/7. That means it’s easy for end users and service technicians to monitor operation and ensure peak performance. It also helps to identify and remediate root causes when something goes wrong. In some cases, issues can even be resolved remotely.

Key Advantages

With Web Monitoring, you can provide these benefits to your customer:

  • Real peace of mind – 24/7 unit monitoring for life.
  • Robust online reporting of real-time performance data.
  • Simple plug and play Ethernet connection.
  • Optional Wi-Fi and cellular connections available.
  • Secure access and control via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Connection activates premium extended 1st year labor warranty.
  • Allows remote assisted unit start-up.
  • Authorized technicians fine tune unit performance remotely.
  • Real-time sensor monitoring including refrigeration pressures.
  • Remote access and control for authorized service personnel.
  • Adjust fan speed remotely.

To understand how the small cost and effort required to bring an Ethernet line to a dehumidifier can really pay off, consider these two scenarios.

Scenario 1 — Unit Connected to Web Monitoring

A unit is frequently suffering high pressure trips. You call your service contractor, but the good news is the unit is connected so a visit is not immediately required. Instead, your technician logs onto the unit via web monitoring. The first thing they can do is clear the alarm and reset the unit, to allow it to run normally. If the alarm was nothing serious, that is all they have to do. If it is a real issue that needs attention, the alarm will come up again. The technician can set themselves up to be alerted via email of any alarms, so then if it comes up again they can move onto stage 2 of response.

The next stage is to log into the web monitoring system to look at the unit history. By viewing the history up to the alarm, the technician can make an educated diagnosis of what the problem is. In this case, they notice the unit trips on head pressure every time it calls for air conditioning mode. To confirm their diagnosis, they can call Dehumidified Air Services to speak with a factory technician, who can also check the data and give a second opinion. After agreement, your contractor has you go out to the outdoor heat exchanger to find it blocked by debris. After you clear the heat exchanger, your contractor can remotely simulate an A/C call and to confirm there are no more head pressure trips. Problem solved — and at a fraction of the cost it would have been to have a site visit by your contractor.

Scenario 2 — Unit that is Not Connected

Your contractor doesn’t see the unit online, so has to visit it inside the mechanical room to find the latest alarm on the touchscreen and try to figure out what’s causing it. They can make some guesses, but without access to the history of the unit there is no way to be sure of the cause. There are a lot of reasons for an alarm, and a dehumidifier has a lot of components the technician would have to check if they want to run down the cause. Generally in these cases, the best they can do is reboot the unit and come back again next time it happens. This is a recipe for repeated callbacks that do little to resolve the problem, and often make the owner feel like their unit just isn’t working at all.


As the two examples illustrate, units that are connected to Web Monitoring are a lot more convenient for everyone involved. When you contact your service contractor with the unit serial number, technicians are able to see the relevant operating history and more easily diagnose causes.

Web Monitoring ships standard with every dehumidifier from Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts. Our years of development has created the most powerful offering in the industry, with detailed sensor readings, trend charts and diagnostics — for free, for life.

The Benefit of a Turnkey Partner

Addressing your indoor pool with the right team will get you the best result at the best value. But it’s hard to cover all your bases when dealing with many points of contact. If you want your indoor pool’s HVAC system to be completely trouble- and worry-free, your best bet is an expert team that can be a single point of contact for equipment selection, installation and after-sales service and support.

Indoor pool dehumidifiers are essential to providing a good guest experience at your hotel pool. It ensures a comfortable and safe environment for guests and staff, while also maintaining humidity levels to preserve the hotel investment. The equipment is different than other types of HVAC and the environment it operates in has special requirements, which means not everybody is qualified to be involved with indoor pool HVAC system installations or service.

Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts is your turnkey partner for all your indoor pool dehumidification requirements. Let our experience and perfected dehumidification systems make your indoor pool the trouble-free asset it should be.

Get the Best Equipment in the Industry


Dehumidified Air Solutions includes the three leading equipment brands in the indoor pool dehumidification industry. Years of innovation and tweaking has given us the best product on the market, both for overall efficiency and ease of operation.


Our National Accounts program streamlines all aspects of your indoor pool dehumidification requirements.


  • One point of contact to help you manage equipment across multiple sites.
  • Access to the industry’s true experts.
  • Nationally negotiated rates for equipment, parts and service packages.


Turnkey Contracting Partners

We have contracting partners who specialize in this market and have the experience necessary to execute a smooth and trouble-free installation. They know all the latest codes and have installed our systems many times before with no problems.


Because our contracting partners are highly experienced with dehumidification equipment, they can do the install for a more competitive price than other mechanical contractors because they do not need contingency costing in their quote.


Flexible Financing

If your existing dehumidifier is costing you significantly in repair bills, it is time for a new system. If this decision is being delayed due to funding challenges, we have your solution. Our financing partner can help you with 100% financing solutions that convert a major, one-time investment in affordable, monthly payments over time. Read more about our financing option here.