These unprecedented times call for creative ways to ensure your indoor pool dehumidifier operates at peak performance, protecting your indoor pool environment. At Dehumidified Air Solutions, we continue to look for innovative ways to provide our customers with best-in-class products, service and support.

Are you experiencing significant repair costs or failing equipment?

If your current dehumidifier has you incurring significant repair costs or has just failed, it is time for a new system. If that decision is being delayed because replacing dehumidification equipment poses a significant capital investment, we have your solution.

Ease the financial burden.

We can help get you up and running through our National Accounts Program. You’ll not only get state-of-the-art equipment options from three industry-leading brands, Dectron, PoolPak and Seresco, you’ll also have access to our turnkey partners for financing the equipment and installation to ease the financial burden.

  • Get back up and running right away
  • Eliminate upfront capital costs of equipment and installation
  • Affordable payments over time

Providing Options.

Speak to a member of our National Accounts team about how our turnkey financing and installation partners can help you. We’d love to discuss your unique pool environment and conditions and recommend a financing company to provide you options.
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The National Accounts Program from Dehumidified Air Solutions offers indoor pool owners of hotels, athletic facilities and swim schools exclusive membership benefits for dehumidification equipment, parts and service.