Real Peace of Mind with Web Monitoring — Standard on Every Unit

With Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts, you get full access the industry’s most powerful web monitoring platform for the lifetime of your equipment, for free.

We were the first to offer web monitoring for dehumidifiers in the industry, starting in 2003. Back then, connecting HVAC equipment to the internet was very new and web monitoring was a novel concept. Every dehumidifier we build ships standard with this feature so you have the best support possible.

Since the beginning, we have continuously innovated our offering to build in stronger capabilities and take full advantage of the advanced sensors that form the heart of our designs. Refrigerant pressure transducers enable you and service technicians to check the pressure of the refrigeration circuit from an internet-connected device, with no need to use a manifold gauge to open the circuit and take a reading. This saves money on service visits and totally eliminates the small losses of refrigerant that equipment experiences when gauges are removed from a unit.

There are many benefits to ensuring all your new units get connected to Web Monitoring. Not only do future maintenance or service situations become a breeze, but units continually connected from start-up also get an additional nine months of coverage on the initial 90-day repair labor allowance warranty for a total coverage term of one year!

When a unit is online, it’s uploading operational data to our servers every 60 seconds, 24/7. That means it’s easy for end users and service technicians to monitor operation and ensure peak performance. It also helps to identify and remediate root causes when something goes wrong. In some cases, issues can even be resolved remotely.

Key Advantages

With Web Monitoring, you can provide these benefits to your customer:

  • Real peace of mind – 24/7 unit monitoring for life.
  • Robust online reporting of real-time performance data.
  • Simple plug and play Ethernet connection.
  • Optional Wi-Fi and cellular connections available.
  • Secure access and control via computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Connection activates premium extended 1st year labor warranty.
  • Allows remote assisted unit start-up.
  • Authorized technicians fine tune unit performance remotely.
  • Real-time sensor monitoring including refrigeration pressures.
  • Remote access and control for authorized service personnel.
  • Adjust fan speed remotely.

To understand how the small cost and effort required to bring an Ethernet line to a dehumidifier can really pay off, consider these two scenarios.

Scenario 1 — Unit Connected to Web Monitoring

A unit is frequently suffering high pressure trips. You call your service contractor, but the good news is the unit is connected so a visit is not immediately required. Instead, your technician logs onto the unit via web monitoring. The first thing they can do is clear the alarm and reset the unit, to allow it to run normally. If the alarm was nothing serious, that is all they have to do. If it is a real issue that needs attention, the alarm will come up again. The technician can set themselves up to be alerted via email of any alarms, so then if it comes up again they can move onto stage 2 of response.

The next stage is to log into the web monitoring system to look at the unit history. By viewing the history up to the alarm, the technician can make an educated diagnosis of what the problem is. In this case, they notice the unit trips on head pressure every time it calls for air conditioning mode. To confirm their diagnosis, they can call Dehumidified Air Services to speak with a factory technician, who can also check the data and give a second opinion. After agreement, your contractor has you go out to the outdoor heat exchanger to find it blocked by debris. After you clear the heat exchanger, your contractor can remotely simulate an A/C call and to confirm there are no more head pressure trips. Problem solved — and at a fraction of the cost it would have been to have a site visit by your contractor.

Scenario 2 — Unit that is Not Connected

Your contractor doesn’t see the unit online, so has to visit it inside the mechanical room to find the latest alarm on the touchscreen and try to figure out what’s causing it. They can make some guesses, but without access to the history of the unit there is no way to be sure of the cause. There are a lot of reasons for an alarm, and a dehumidifier has a lot of components the technician would have to check if they want to run down the cause. Generally in these cases, the best they can do is reboot the unit and come back again next time it happens. This is a recipe for repeated callbacks that do little to resolve the problem, and often make the owner feel like their unit just isn’t working at all.


As the two examples illustrate, units that are connected to Web Monitoring are a lot more convenient for everyone involved. When you contact your service contractor with the unit serial number, technicians are able to see the relevant operating history and more easily diagnose causes.

Web Monitoring ships standard with every dehumidifier from Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts. Our years of development has created the most powerful offering in the industry, with detailed sensor readings, trend charts and diagnostics — for free, for life.