The Benefit of a Turnkey Partner

Addressing your indoor pool with the right team will get you the best result at the best value. But it’s hard to cover all your bases when dealing with many points of contact. If you want your indoor pool’s HVAC system to be completely trouble- and worry-free, your best bet is an expert team that can be a single point of contact for equipment selection, installation and after-sales service and support.

Indoor pool dehumidifiers are essential to providing a good guest experience at your hotel pool. It ensures a comfortable and safe environment for guests and staff, while also maintaining humidity levels to preserve the hotel investment. The equipment is different than other types of HVAC and the environment it operates in has special requirements, which means not everybody is qualified to be involved with indoor pool HVAC system installations or service.

Dehumidified Air Solutions National Accounts is your turnkey partner for all your indoor pool dehumidification requirements. Let our experience and perfected dehumidification systems make your indoor pool the trouble-free asset it should be.

Get the Best Equipment in the Industry


Dehumidified Air Solutions includes the three leading equipment brands in the indoor pool dehumidification industry. Years of innovation and tweaking has given us the best product on the market, both for overall efficiency and ease of operation.


Our National Accounts program streamlines all aspects of your indoor pool dehumidification requirements.


  • One point of contact to help you manage equipment across multiple sites.
  • Access to the industry’s true experts.
  • Nationally negotiated rates for equipment, parts and service packages.


Turnkey Contracting Partners

We have contracting partners who specialize in this market and have the experience necessary to execute a smooth and trouble-free installation. They know all the latest codes and have installed our systems many times before with no problems.


Because our contracting partners are highly experienced with dehumidification equipment, they can do the install for a more competitive price than other mechanical contractors because they do not need contingency costing in their quote.


Flexible Financing

If your existing dehumidifier is costing you significantly in repair bills, it is time for a new system. If this decision is being delayed due to funding challenges, we have your solution. Our financing partner can help you with 100% financing solutions that convert a major, one-time investment in affordable, monthly payments over time. Read more about our financing option here.