Our Story

If you’ve designed, specified equipment for, or owned an indoor pool, you know first-hand the challenges of getting the indoor pool air environment right, and the mystery of these projects is exacerbated by the fact that, unlike HVAC design projects, pool projects don’t come around every day.

The Industry Challenge

With indoor pool environments, there’s a complex set of factors to balance. Like room size, pool activity levels, inside air and water temperatures, air distribution, outside air temperatures and humidity ranges, proper building, HVAC and humidity control design, operating and maintenance costs, the interrelatedness of all these elements, and ultimately the need to meet patron expectations. Unfortunately, getting any one of these wrong can lead to problems, and often expensive, frustrating results for pool owners, operators and patrons. Over the years, a few individual companies have valiantly tried to rectify these issues, but none has had the market presence, resources, or reach, to effectively impact the entire industry. As a result, a combination of misinformation, a lack of expertise, and poor equipment decisions, have led to less than ideal results for many facilities.

Making a Real Difference

Recognizing this opportunity, a group of people asked themselves if there might be a better way, and what it would take to change things. They thought that if they could combine the industry-leading players, who together represent the largest product offering in the industry, with a collective 75 years of product development and refinement informing the portfolio, best-in-class selection and design software, and have introduced every significant innovation of the last 40 years, they could make a real difference. If they were successful in bringing these entities together, they could dramatically improve the industry for all involved. So that’s what they did. That’s what we did — and we call it Dehumidified Air Solutions.

Innovative Products, Tools and Support

Dehumidified Air Solutions brings together three leading companies: Dectron, PoolPak, and Seresco. Each a strong, distinct, independent brand in the industry. As part of Dehumidified Air Solutions, these three leading brands will now have the financial strength and reach to provide better products, tools, and support, than have ever existed in the industry. And, they’ll be made even stronger by a robust shared services organization. We combined our base of knowledge and expertise to do things like operate our field services more effectively, streamline our platforms and upgrade our software, and provide better education to owners, operators and engineers. Together, we created a coast-to-coast service organization to complement and support existing service offerings, with highly qualified factory service personnel known as Dehumidified Air Services.

A Better Experience

All of this adds up to an improved experience for those who design, specify equipment for, install, own, operate and use indoor pools. A better experience for you with Dectron, PoolPak, and Seresco. Three distinct brands, each made stronger by a shared purpose and better resources. Dehumidified Air Solutions, the only company with the scale and expertise to deliver and operate trouble-free, state-of-the-art, pool dehumidification systems.

Our Commitment to Quality

In order to consistently exceed customer expectations and deliver industry-leading products and technologies, Dehumidified Air Solutions is dedicated to constant and never-ending improvement of its products, processes and services. As an important step to demonstrate this mission, Dehumidified Air Solutions has committed to the ISO 9001 Quality Standard and a creation of a culture of continuous improvement.