Product Line: Seresco
Manufacturing Location: Ottawa, Ontario

Seresco was founded in 2003 by industry innovators who wanted to solve the historical challenges of the dehumidification industry. They did so with leading edge designs, advanced control systems and 24/7 internet monitoring and remote control. Now as part of Dehumidified Air Solutions, Seresco continues its innovation at an accelerated pace with a keen focus on engineering the ultimate in energy efficient and environment friendly technologies for indoor pool dehumidification.

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Product Line: Dectron
Manufacturing Location: Montreal, Quebec

With over 40 years of success behind it and by far the largest installed base of dehumidifiers in North America, Dectron is the industry’s most trusted and proven brand. Now as a member of Dehumidified Air Solutions, that trusted brand is being fully updated with new designs and technologies that will ensure Dectron remains one of the most respected brands in the marketplace for years to come.

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Product Line: PoolPak
Manufacturing Location: York, PA

With a 33-year heritage, PoolPak has earned a reputation for reliable dehumidification that works, by taking a comprehensive approach to managing the pool room environment. Under Dehumidified Air Solutions, PoolPak continues expanding its efforts to provide the optimal pool environment.

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